Vibration Platforms for Knee and Back Pain

Vibration Platforms can help you beat the “Catch 22” you face with both Knee and Back pain

Vibration Platform

What is the Catch 22?

It is obvious to anyone who has suffered knee or back pain, that exercise becomes impossibly painful. But with lower back pain, and with Knee pain, exercise is a critical part of rehabilitation.

That is the catch that sees too many patients simply sit, while knees and backs slowly worsen. Don’t wait until surgery is the only solution.

Using a Vibration Platform For Knee pain.

On his website, Dr James Bogash , (a Chiropractor), explains his solutions  for patients with knee pain. Particularly if Arthritis is involved. He says exercise is a critical factor.

Like many other practitioners, Dr Bogash has been using Whole Body Vibration, via a Vibration Platform for many years.

Favorable results have been obvious, and now there are numerous clinical studies to support what he has been telling patients.

This study,  by the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, concluded that proper use of a Vibration platform led to:

  • Significant reduction in inflammation
  • Reduction in pain reported by participants
  • An improvement in balance
  • Ability to walk further and faster

The US national Library of Medicine reported similar results .

So if you think you are faced with an inevitable knee replacement operation, think again.

Vibration Platforms and Back Pain

Some of the primary causes of lower back pain are a combination of

  • weakened core muscles,
  • excess weight
  • less than ideal posture.

Like Knees, once pain is present, the exercises essential in reversing the problem become increasing difficult or impossible.

Again, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists have been using Vibration Platforms clinically. They help increase flexibility and strength in the muscle groups responsible for supporting the lower back.

In this Video, Dr. Scott Sorum explains how he uses whole body vibration to successfully treat back pain

Vibration Platforms for General Use

Do simple movements, like pushing, pulling, lifting ,stretching or bending, done repeatedly lead to stiffness or soreness?

This is a sign that the five major muscle groups supporting your torso ( your Core Muscles), are becoming weaker. These muscles are the power house for all of your bodily movements. If weakened you are left vulnerable to injury.

Using a Vibration Platform in your home for just 10-15 minutes each day, helps these muscles become stronger. The low impact movement of the Vibration plate, stimulate your muscles making them contract and release continually.

In the process, your body supplies greatly increased blood flow to the muscles. This highly Oxygen laden blood, flushes out the toxins, fight free radical damage,  gives you muscles all that they need to regenerate.

The result for anyone using a Vibration platform regularly is that physical activity gets easier. Everything from gardening, to recreational activities and competitive sports gets easier.

Having a Vibration Platform in your home

The good news is that, routines your Chiropractor or Physiotherapist teach can be done at home. With a Vibration Platform you can readily repeat them day by day in your home.  The purchase of your own platform is a surprisingly inexpensive investment in long term comfort.

Benefits are not confined to knee and back issues. My wife unfortunately has Multiple Sclerosis (M.S) and uses her Vibration platform daily  to help ward off the degenerative effects of her condition.


When buying exercise equipment to treat any significant condition, consult your Doctor. They will ensure that using a Vibration Platform will not have any adverse effects, but be aware that some Medical practitioners will have limited knowledge about Whole Body Vibration.

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