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Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool Review


The Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool is a massage tool unlike most in that it acts as an extension of the arm, making it easier and more comfortable to massage one’s own back. It also comes with different knobs and grooves throughout different parts of the unit, making it easy to reach every corner of the back with several possible grips available. According to the manufacturer, it is meant to relieve pressure points and trigger points, as well as tight muscles and muscle spams, making it pretty well-rounded. The massage tool comes with instructions, featuring step-by-step guides on several different massages which can be done with the tool. With that out of the way, here’s an honest Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool review.

– An abundance of knobs allows for multiple grips on the tool
– Its design and included instruction booklet gives the option of administering several different massages
– It reaches areas which are typically hard to reach
– Its design allows for optimal tool leverage


The massage tool allows for the relief of low back pain as well as upper back and neck pain. It also successfully treats mild muscle spasms. Reports on its use state time and time again that this effect kicks in within a couple days of frequent use, which is definitely a plus. It’s also easy to use, to the point that one can watch TV, etc. while using it, making it quite relaxing and casual. The fact that “sticks” protrude from it also make getting that massage in easy without worrying about needing to apply too much pressure, contributing even more to the relaxation of it.

Its ability to offer many different massage options through its design and included instruction booklet, when the instruction booklet actually comes in the mail (we’ll get to that in a bit), making it great for all kinds of back issues, unlike some products of its nature which are often built for one or two purposes. This is nice because it can replace five or ten other massage products, potentially clearing up space in one’s drawer.


While the mentioned versatility of the product does sound great, the problem is that not everyone gets to experience such versatility. While the make of the tool itself seems to stay consistent throughout each unit sold, it’s not at all unheard of for the product to arrive without instructions. While it is possible to use it without the instructions, this is a bit of a game breaker if you’re looking to get all of the potential out of this product. Also, those looking for a sleek-looking tool to add to their home spa arsenal may be disappointed. While this product works, it’s not overly easy on the eyes.


I would recommend this product to anyone who wishes to target several quadrants of their back. It’s certainly effective in many different ways and is easy and quite comfortable to use. And considering all of the tools it can replace, you really can’t go wrong with the price either. I would; however, recommend looking online for an instruction manual before making the purchase; you don’t want to be stuck with this thing with no idea as to how to use it.


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