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Best Patella Knee Straps To Wear to Relieve Knee Pain

What Does a Patella Strap Do?

At it’s core, a patella strap is a simple device known to help athletes across all sports with knee pain. From professional athletes to the weekend runner, a patella strap can help alleviate knee pain for just about anyone in need. A patella strap will wrap around the knee, and can be placed around the bottom of the knee or the top depending on what kind of strap is being used and the user’s needs. So, how does the strap work? Essentially a patella strap works by spreading pressure, produced by the strain of exercise, across a larger area of the knee. The strap pressures the patella tendon in the knee, and thus ensures that the knee is prepared to deal with the stresses of a given exercise.

Who Should Wear a Patella Strap?

A wide range of people wear patella straps to help alleviate knee pain. Some commonly known ailments that the strap can help, in particular, are Osgood Schlatters disease and patella tendonitis, also known as “jumper’s knee”. Osgood Schlatters disease is a condition found in many growing teenagers, and occurs when there is inflammation just under the knee where the patella tendon attaches to the kneecap.

Typically, the disease occurs during growth spurts, and commonly affects athletes in particular due to the stress they put on their knees. So, any individual with this condition, or a child affected by it, is a great candidate for wearing a patella strap to help reduce the pain. Since Osgood Schlatters is often self treatable, the patella strap can be extremely helpful in keeping the pain in check.

Jumper’s knee, meanwhile, is a condition that occurs when athletic activities, such as jumping, forces the quadriceps muscles to pull on the patella tendon, leading to stress and, ultimately, pain for the athlete. This is another condition where a patella strap can help, given it’s use as a tool to spread the pressure from activity across a greater area, reducing pain. While there are many other people who may want to give a patella strap a try, these two conditions are two of the most commonly mentioned when it comes to people who use patella straps.

When You Shouldn’t Wear a Patella Strap

While the patella strap is a fantastic tool to help reduce pain, there are certain instances in which athlete’s should be careful about using them. The first thing to keep in mind is that a patella strap does not actually fix any knee problems. While it is very effective in stopping pain and allowing people to continue their regular exercise schedule, it will not actually fix any issues in the knee. So, for those who want their knee pain to stop forever and have a cure for it, the patella strap is probably not the right tool to go with. Consult a doctor and figure out treatment that way, do not expect the patella strap to be a panacea for knee pain forever.

Best Patella Knee Straps

Abco Tech Patella Knee Strap


This knee strap is one of the top reviewed straps currently on the market. Featuring a fully adjustable design, this strap allows for a tighter or looser fit based on the specific needs of the user. For added comfort, it also comes with a neoprene pad to make sure each user feels good. This one fits around the bottom of the knee and works to release tension in the tendon and allow for anyone with knee pain to exercise as much as they need.


IPOW Patella Stabilizer


Unlike a lot of other knee straps on this list, the IPOW Patella Stabilizer is usually found in retail stores and online as a two pack. Many of the conditions that a patella strap helps with are found in both knees as opposed to just one, so having a package that gives one strap for each knee is a huge benefit to this particular brand. Further, these straps are designed to adjust and fit according to the personal curves of every individual’s knees.


Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap


Another great option for a knee strap is the Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap. This strap is made of 80% neoprene and 20% nylon, which allows for a comfortable fit and easy washing. As is common with these straps, this one size will fit almost all users. As an added benefit, this strap even comes in several different colors, for those who want to look stylish while using their knee strap.


DonJoy Performance Webtech Patella Knee Strap

DonJoy Performance Webtech Patella Knee Strap

This strap is a step up from the usual, and adds some great features to really put it over the top. The design features a silicone web on the front, which applies pressure evenly across the patella tendon to help reduce pain and stress on the knee. It also comes with a pull tab, to make removing and putting the strap on as easy as possible. The pad on the back of the strap was compression molded and is made from mesh to allow for a great degree of comfort when wearing this strap. With all the added features on this product, it will come as no surprise that it is also one of the most expensive knee straps around, and will cost significantly more than the very basic models.


SENTEQ Knee Strap

SENTEQ Knee Strap

The SENTEQ Knee Strap is another great choice. It features a silicone padding on the inside, which serves to apply even pressure across the patella tendon and works to absorb shocks to the knee as well. It also allows for a great fit with an adjustable strap across the back.



There are a wide array of patella knee straps on the market, and a number of different conditions that they can help treat. While the straps will alleviate pain, however, they will not solve the root cause of the pain, which is something to keep in mind when deciding whether to buy one or not. For those who do decide they need a knee strap to help reduce their pain when exercising, the DonJoy Performance Webtech Patella Knee Strap is certainly one of the best of the bunch.

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