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Best Knee Walkers To Use After Foot Or Ankle Surgery

What is a Knee Walker?

A Knee Walker is a viable alternative to using crutches or traditional walkers. It is actually a more comfortable and effective alternative as well. They are in the style of scooters, with padded seats for comfort and handle bars for easy grip. Knee Walkers can be both rented or purchased after your surgery while your foot or ankle recovers.

Why you should use a Knee Walker after foot or ankle surgery…

Unlike crutches or traditional walkers, Knee Walkers are much easier to deal with and offer much better comfort. During the first few weeks of your recovery after surgery, you’re probably not looking forward to getting around with crutches! Crutches are ridiculously uncomfortable, and make simple tasks nearly impossible.

With crutches it’s impossible to be hands free, but with Knee Walkers you can be hands free, making it easier for you to perform daily tasks.Using a knee walker will make your live so much easier,  so you wont be dreading your recovery time as much.

Their have been many scientific studies that link the usage of crutches for extended period of time to to underarm pain, and even permanent damage to your intercostobrachial nerve (nerve that runs under your underarm). By using a knee walker instead of crutches you are able to prevent chronic underarm pain.

What are the reasons you should not use a Knee Walker?

As handy as Knee Walkers are as crutch alternatives to crutches or standard walker’s, they tend to be heavier then crutches, and you’ll probably need help lifting it up when needed. Because of their weight you should take caution to not  injure yourself further by lifting it by yourself. Also if you have suffered an upper leg injury such as a fractured tibia, or a knee injury then a knee walker will not be right for you.

Best Knee Walkers to use after your surgery?

drive medical dv8 knee walker

The Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker is great if you will be outdoors a lot as it’s perfect for outdoor terrain. It is strong and durable while also being suited for your comfort. There is a breaking system which allows you to stop effortlessly.

It is flexible as well for easy steering around corner’s and obstacles so you don’t have to worry about turning the whole thing to maneuver. There are built in height adjusters that allow you easily adjust the knee walker according to your individual preferences.



The KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter is flexible for easy steering as well and good for indoor and outdoor terrain. It also comes with a handbrake and a brake in the rear or easy stopping. It has a folding mechanism which makes transporting it a breeze.

As I said before a big problem is that they can be heavy, but since this one folds it makes it much easier to carry, though I still recommend having help if you think heavy lifting of any kind isn’t a good idea or if your doctor advised you not to. The best part about this knee walker is that it has a basket so you don’t have to worry about carrying extra accessories like purses and other bags; just simply keep it in the walker’s basket.



The All Terrain KneeRover  is probably the most durable knee walker on the market today. This one truly is the perfect one for all kinds of terrain; bumpy terrain, terrain with gravel or terrain with obstacles the KneeRover will work wonders as it is extremely versatile. The knee platform of this walker and steering wheel are fully adjustable for your comfort needs.

It also has a basket like the KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter; they are very similar as you will notice, but this is the best one if you’re going to be moving around on a lot of different terrain’s as it is better designed specifically for that purpose.



The Swivelmate Knee Walker isn’t made for rough terrain like the knee walkers above, but it is the best knee walker for steering. If you’re going to be in a lot of small spaces that are hard to maneuver around, this is the one you want.

Basically if you are in small living quarters or working in an office with small spaces and wont be doing a lot of rougher outdoor travel, this is definitely the knee walker you want. As in the title it is specifically designed for swiveling and can turn with great precision. Like the other ones it can also be adjusted for comfort and also has a basket. You could carry around supplies you need in the office or even carry around whatever you need in your home for easy access.



The Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket design is a little different from the other knee walkers above. It is manufactured with a different style of knee pad that provides the user with maximum support and comfort.

This awesome knee walker comes with adjustable height handle bars, and knee platform that will give you just the right fit. The steering and maneuverability of the Roscoe knee scooter is only matched by the swivelmate. But the best part is it goes for a fraction of the cost of other knee walkers!



Knee Walkers are spectacular alternatives for top level comfort in your recovery from surgeries, foot and ankle injuries. Crutches can cause added pain and discomfort you shouldn’t have to deal with and other walkers can be a pain to lug around. This is why I am so thankful there is a product like this on the market as it only makes sense that if you will be recovering for a few weeks or more, which can feel like a lifetime, you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable for that period of time; injuries and surgeries are already uncomfortable enough, so why would you put yourself through more?

You shouldn’t have to put your life practically on hold just because you injured yourself or have gone through restraining surgery, you should freely be able to still do the basic things you need to do as you recover. A Knee Walker can help with that and make your recovery time stress free.

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