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Best Cane To Use After Knee Replacement Surgery

Your active lifestyle can suddenly be disrupted or even come to a halt due to knee problems. Healthy knees are essential to an active life but if an injury or medical condition develops that causes damage to the knees, you can begin to lose total function of the knees, making life and mobility more difficult and even painful.

About Knee Replacement

The most common reason knee replacement surgeries are performed is due to a condition known as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a result of the breakdown of cartilage in the joint and underlying bone. Over time the knee becomes less flexible due to inflammation and pain.

Knee replacements are the most common type of joint replacement surgeries. Last year 719,000 knee replacement surgeries were performed and currently, 4.5 million Americans are living with at least one prosthetic knee from knee replacement surgery.

Walking aid after surgery

Like after any surgery you will experience swelling and some pain while your knee heals, which means your mobility will be slow and unsteady as you to start to adjust to your new knee. You will need a walking aid to help you ambulate and keep your balance in order to decrease the risk of a fall. Walking canes are commonly used after knee replacement surgery. They’re simple, compact, easy to use, and there are several types of walking canes to choose from. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the most popular canes so you can find the cane that best fits your needs.

HurryCane – The All-Terrain Cane; Freedom Edition


 The HurryCane has a unique cane design. Unlike the traditional upright cane, the HurryCane, All-Terrain Cane; Freedom Edition gives you more in a cane when it comes to mobility, balance and versatility in types of terrain you can maneuver over.

HurryCane took its original cane and made it better by making small but significant changes to a few of its core design features to improve its performance. The biggest changes include:

  1. Lighter design
  2. Stronger design
  3. More comfortable handle design
  4. 3 additional height adjustments to give you more options for adjusting the height to fit you
  5. Wider base and new foot-base design gives you better grip and stability over multiple types of terrain
  6. New shock absorbing handle designed for a superior grip
  7. The new model folds faster and more compact for easy carrying and storage


My Cane

My Cane is a light weight, sturdy and adjustable cane that will help keep you balanced while you begin to get mobile after your knee replacement surgery. No matter what type of terrain you may encounter when walking about, My Cane is designed to give you stability, including climbing hills or steps. My Cane’s features include:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Supports weight up to 113 kgs
  3. Adjustable – adjusts from 79 cm to 96 cm
  4. Easy, comfort, co slip grip for better support
  5. Built-in LED light for better viewing of your path
  6. Folds quickly to a compact size
  7. Wide base to give you better balance and support

Stability is critical when trying to heal and adjust to your new knee. Because mobility is important to healing and enjoying life, don’t let the uncertainty of the ground and terrain keep you from living life and getting out to do what you want to do. My Cane is your support and will let you get out and live without the fear of walking alone.


Carex Soft Grip Cane



Having the right support after total knee replacement surgery is important. You want to feel safe and secure when walking and trying to maneuver over different types of terrain. With the multiple types of canes there are to choose from, the Carex soft grip cane is one of the best and most recommended canes for post-op knee surgery. There are many features that make this cane one of the best for stability and comfort. Here are the best features of the Carex soft grip cane:

  1. Comfortably padded, ergonomically designed hand grip
  2. Height adjustable from 31 to 40 inches
  3. Supports a weight up to 250 lbs

The type of hand grip your cane has is important. The hand grip absorbs the shock of the pressure put on the cane as you walk about over the different types of terrain. It should have enough padding to absorb all of the shock, and not your hand. The Carex soft grip cane is designed to do just that, which is why it is one of the best canes for post-knee replacement surgery.


Trusty Cane


For walking over multiple types of flooring, terrain or even up steps, you want a cane that is designed to give you the best stability and balance after knee replacement surgery. The Trusty cane is ergonomically designed and has specific features that give you the best assistance in balancing and walking when you need it most. The Trusty cane is one of the best post-knee replacement surgery canes with these features:

  1. Sturdy build to support up to 250 lbs
  2. Ergo design hand gripper for added comfort
  3. Extra wide base with pivoting design for better balance on multiple types of terrain
  4. Cane folds for convenience and easy carrying when not used
  5. 3 LED lights for better visibility in hard to see areas. One light points forward while 2 point downward

The type of cane you get for post-knee replacement surgery depends on what your needs and preferences are. One concern to consider is that although the Trusty Cane has many positive features for helping you balance and walk while healing and rehabilitating your knee after surgery, but if you are needing one that can stand on its own, several consumers have said that this cane is not capable of standing on its own, especially after batteries are added for the LED lights.


Ergocane by Ergoactives


Ergocane by Ergoactives is a unique walking cane with a uniquely designed hand grip. The walker is made of aluminum and gives you the most comfort in a handle. So many features on the Erogcane by Ergoactives with a better design and better quality, that it makes this one of the very best canes for post-knee replacement surgery patients. You’ll feel comfortable and confident walking anywhere when you’re using an Ergocane by Ergoactives. The best features of the Ergocane include:

  1. Ergo designed handle gives you the perfect grip with an anatomical handle that is cushioned and comfortable for a pain-free grip to help reduce the risks of grip-slips, and slip and fall accidents
  2. Height adjustable to accommodate your height with the touch of a button that locks into place to assure the height doesn’t change unexpectedly
  3. Convenient carrying strap for carrying your cane like an umbrella
  4. Unique cane tip is designed with a four-aileron tip for added balance which gives you more control and support over multiple types of terrain at any angle
  5. The tip is also shock absorbing, which means more comfort on your hand and body while walking
  6. Made of reinforced medical aluminum for a solid structure

With all the positive features of this cane, it’s easy to see why the Ergocane by Ergoactives is one of the top choices and favorites among post-knee replacement surgery patients. If these features look like they are what you want and need, this cane may be the perfect fit for you after surgery.



I created this list as a guide to point you in the right direction, and help you find a cane that’s right for you. If you know of cane that has helped you please share by comment below.

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