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Benefits Of Wearing A Posture Brace

What is a Posture Brace

A posture brace, or corrector, is designed to assist with improving posture. They are designed to be worn on the upper body much like a t-shirt or vest. Some have strapping that wraps around the shoulders and others wrap around the lower and upper back. Each design features varying levels of adjust ability in order to fit your individual body shape properly.

How Do I Know If I Have Problem…?

If you find yourself leaning forward, slouching or have rounded shoulders when you sit or walk, you have an issue related to posture. If you are feeling back, neck and shoulder pain from the previous points, then yes, you probably do have sit and stand in a way that puts your body under strain. Muscle pain is one of the first indicators your body is silently protesting and letting you know it’s not happy!

With postural issues you may suffer from a number of other health problems. The symptoms are many and can include back and neck pain or stiffness, headaches, lower back strain and difficulty sleeping or sitting/laying comfortably. Using a posture correcting brace can not only eliminate these problems, it can improve your self-esteem.

Proper posture is achieved when the shoulders and spine are in correct alignment and a posture brace is designed to gently nudge them into place. They do this through the use of strapping or support panels.

Why You Would Use a Posture Brace

Sporty woman is stretching her arms outdoors

Sporty woman is stretching her arms outdoors

There are three main reasons why you would wear a posture brace. They each provide benefits related to the specific use and include:

 Injury Rehabilitation

In the case of an injury to the shoulder, neck or spine a posture corrector brace is the perfect appliance to reduce movement to the injured area. By providing immobilization to a part of the upper body that requires it, a brace will do more than assist in proper healing of the injury.

The reduction in movement will speed up the recovery time and ensure the injury heals without complication. They are very effective when used to rehabilitate sports injuries as well.

Pain Management

For those individuals who suffer from chronic back or neck pain a posture corrector can be extremely useful. By providing extra support to the spine and shoulders, and a minor amount of immobilization, a brace can reduce the discomfort experienced through back and neck pain.

With less pain you feel better and are able to be productive and live pain free. Posture braces have an excellent track record in pain management.

Improved Posture

This is the main reason braces and correctors have been designed and manufactured over the years. Proper posture eliminates the onset of various health conditions related to back, neck and shoulder strain.

Without correct posture you risk developing various symptoms that can have a major impact on your overall health and well-being. Using a brace or corrector, even for short periods of time, can improve your health by reducing the risk of symptoms developing.

What Kinds of Posture Braces Are Available

Posture braces or correctors fall under two very different categories.

One is very lightweight and flexible. Sized from small to extra large, these braces have stretchable material and adjustable Velcro strapping in the design. While they do a good job in aligning the spine and shoulders, they do not provide a great deal of support. This style works more as reminder for you to be aware of how you are sitting or standing.

The other type of posture corrector is not as stretchy as it contains firm panels in the design. These kinds of braces are intended to provide support and may feature supportive sections for part of or the complete back. There are some supportive posture braces that are designed with removable sections and can be completely adjusted for better results. They are available as unisex or women’s or men’s posture correctors.

The Health Benefits of Wearing A Posture Brace


When the spine and shoulders are in alignment it reduces pressure to other parts of the body, and this eliminates various forms of physical muscle and joint pain. Also, by improving your posture you to be appear taller than you actually are and increases self-esteem.

By sitting straighter it allows for improved breathing for improved lung function as your lungs can work as they are supposed to, not to mention  blood circulation and nerve activity. A posture brace will make you feel better both physically and mentally.

The Additional Benefits

In addition to correcting posture, reducing pain and improving self-esteem, a corrector brace will assist in injury rehabilitation. As all posture braces are designed to be worn underneath clothing, you can wear one without anyone knowing and silently correct a variety of personal health issues.

As posture braces are so effective, they do not need to the worn for long periods of time. If you are trying to correct postural concerns, wearing one for up to 30-minutes a day can assist in ‘training’ yourself to sit properly.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that posture braces work and are excellent devices for reducing pain and strain to the upper body. There are many different styles manufactured by a handful of companies. As a result, sizing is important in order to feel the full benefits. Check with the sizing recommendations of the manufacturer to be sure and order accordingly.

Styles that are offered in a one-size-fits-all design may not be the right choice if your body is not of an average size. Also, if you are looking for a corrector that provides extra support, do not order one of the lightweight styles. You will experience the full benefits that come with a posture corrector device provided you order the correct size and style for your needs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This is a great article. it is good to know that wearing a posture brace helps to improve my back pain. I think my poor posture really ruins my health and confidence. It’s time for me to get back my right posture!

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