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5 Best Wireless Tens Units for Lower Back Pain

What is a wireless TENS Unit?

Wireless TENS units are devices that look similar to electrical back massages, except in this case, they’re wireless. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unites are devices that use electrical currents to alleviate pain, in this case back pain. With the advent of wireless technology, the devices are easy to transport and can be used anywhere without much attention. The electrical currents stimulate an area of the body, producing endorphins in the brain and relieving pain in a designated area.

Who should use a wireless TENS unit?

The easy answer to this question anyone who suffers from back pain, and they are known to be an amazing tool to help alleviate pain. However, those who have a busy lifestyle and suffer from chronic back pain may also look into purchasing one of these units. One of the major benefits for using a wireless TENS unit is its ease of transportation.

The devices are small enough to fit into your purse or pocket and run on batteries so no need to carry around a power adapter. If you experience lower back pain while sitting at work, driving in a car, shopping at the grocery store, or simply standing in line, these devices are for you. You can wear a wireless TENS unit all day without anyone noticing and go about your business as usual.

Back pain is one of the most common types of pain experienced by adults. It can originate from muscles, nerves, bones, or joints and the pain may be characterized from a dull ache to piercing pain. Estimations place chronic back pain as occurring in nearly one out of ten adults and nearly five out of ten working adults. Needless to say, a wireless TENS unit is an amazing product to keep handy.

Even if you don’t experience chronic back pain, a wireless TENS unit is incredible to have in your arsenal of pain relievers. The devices also treat acute pain as well.

What to look for before you buy a wireless TENS unit

As with any products it is important to do your research. There are hundreds of wireless TENS units on the market. Many aren’t worth the money you spend on them. However, there are few things to keep in mind before purchasing a wireless TENS unit:

  • Quality and Durability
  • Warranty Period
  • Replaceable and/or reusable electrode pads
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Size- Make sure you can fit the device beneath your clothing.

It impertinent to consider the areas of the body that need to be treated as well as the conditions you intend to treat. Consider whether you are treating:

  • Neck/Shoulders/Arms
  • Thighs/Legs/Buttocks
  • Lower or Mid-Back

Take all of these things into consideration. For now here is just a sample of some of the best wireless TENS units on the market.

1byone Bluetooth Wireless TENS unit


The 1byone TENS unit is not only FDA approved it also provides relief for your forearm and wrist. Some have even touted its ability to alleviate the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. The 1byone can be controlled through a Bluetooth App on your phone so you can use it almost anywhere and while doing anything. Imagine alleviating your back pain while taking a stroll through the park or reading a novel. Statistics have shown that this device can also improve muscle strength and promote muscle recovery, making it an amazing product to have after a strenuous afternoon of weightlifting.

The 1byone also has 8 simulation modes including circulation, acupuncture, beating, and kneading, allowing your body to feel as though you just received one of the best body massages in the world. The device contains three different electrode pad sizes that can cover a variety of areas on the body. Many users have touted the user-friendliness of the device as well as the easy installation of the app on their phones. Fans have even said they felt improvement in their muscles and muscles strength over time. With a purchase price of $79.98 consider this fine purchase with a reasonable price.


AccuRelief Wireless Remote Control TENS


Considering the bargain price of $34.75, the AccuRelief Wireless Remote Control TENS will definitely offer you the most bang for your buck. Consider what accompanies such a small and innocuous device. It’s equipped with a remote control, two reusable electrode gel pads and snap connectors, six AAA batteries and much more. But it’s not just the equipment the package contains it’s what the device can do.

The AccuRelief is pre-programmed with different therapy programs. Each programs provided quick and effective back pain relief. There are also up to twenty levels of intensity, auto-shut off and the ability to program therapy treatments that will last up to 30 minutes. Many have commended this device for allowing them to enjoy low-intensity to high-intensity massage treatments to deal with their individual level of pain. Aside from its easy and convenient packaging the device delivers an amazing treatment that many have said allowed them to ease up on pain medications. For those more budget conscious the AccuRelief TENS unit is one of the better options on the market.


iRelieve PlayMakar Wireless TENS unit


Perhaps one of the best of the best TENS units on the market the iRelieve PlayMakar is certainly a TENS unit worth looking at. This device not only treats back pain, but it is FDA-approved to deliver two prescription level therapies. The iRelieve PlayMakar provides both a TENS experience and an EMS experience. The EMS experience is best for stimulating and recovering of muscles.

There are 14 programs already preset on the device and treatment times can last up to 60 minutes. While it’s both convenient and lightweight, the iRelieve has an added bonus; it comes with a rechargeable battery. Many have complimented this device’s versatility, comfort-ability and portability, just to name a few qualities. For those who only look for the best of the best, this is perhaps the top of the line product. Beware however, to get the best you must pay the price and since this device runs at $199.95 it’s safe to say you’ll be getting your money’s worth with this product.


Icy Hot Smart TENS


Who better to trust with your sore and aching muscles than the pioneers of treatment? IcyHot has developed their own wireless TENS units and it’s full of bells and whistles. Using the same technology as doctors and massage therapists, this TENS device is a great start for anyone suffering from acute or mild back pain. The IcyHot unit comes with a reusable electrode pads, battery, and control unit. The adjustable intensity level can reach up to 63 levels.

Its small and compact size ensures that this device can be both portable and inconspicuous. The bargain price for this device will only cost you $23.94, which is amazing considering the relief you’ll feel from back pain.


WiTouch Pro Wireless Bluetooth TENS


Another device that can attach to your phone via a Bluetooth App, this device promises the most in convenience and pain relief. The WiTouch Pro Wireless TENS unit is thin and lightweight and is fitted with the WiTouch Control App. The app made for both Android and iOS is an amazing and can easily adjust your TENS units. Including in this dynamic package are 6 electrode gel pads, to enhance back pain relief.

Even better the WiTouch offers a powerful TENS unit performance without a prescription. The best part about this device is its moderate price of $49.95. It’s a bargain price with an exceptional product that delivers on every use.


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