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5 Best Back Braces Under $30

Lower back pain can be debilitating both mentally and physically. Whether you suffer from chronic lower back pain, or just strained your back turning awkwardly a lower back brace can help to alleviate your pain and discomfort. While back braces are effective at relieving pain they can also be expensive costing $200 and up! But there are also many high quality back braces available for under $30. We looked at some of the most popular back supports on the market today and came up with a  list of the 5 very best back braces for under $30 dollars. In order to come up with this list we ranked each back brace on these 3 factors

  • Amount of support the brace provides
  • How comfortably the brace is to wear
  • Price of the back brace

So without further ado here are the best back braces that we came up with.

Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace

Mueller Back Brace

An outstanding, highly-rated back brace, the Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace comes in 5 adjustable sizes and two color options. But first the materials and features of this cost effective brace. The Mueller brace is made up of: 40% Polyester, 27% Rubber, and 33% Nylon. The lumbar pad is removable, and when inserted, offers cushion and compresses the lower back for targeted support.

In addition, the wearer gets extra stability from the flexible steel supports that are located along the spine. The internal molded plastic component of this lumbar back brace virtually eliminates bunching or brace rolling when being worn. For a back brace in this price range, the components of this adjustable custom fit brace are worth the price.  In addition to the support, compression, and cushioning the Mueller is custom fit with outer, dual elastic tension straps, allowing the wearer to get that perfect fit.

This adjustable lumbar support by Mueller, fits waists from 28 inches to 50 inches (71 cm to 127 cm).


BraceUp Stabilizing Lower Back Brace

Brace up Back Brace

The BraceUp Stabilizing Lower Back Brace is a highly rated brace that offers lower lumbar back support via the support mechanism. The support belt features dual adjustable straps that are fully customized for a great fit and compression to targeted areas along the spine and lumbar region.

The BraceUp allows the wearer a full range of movement, comfortable support during the day, and decrease pain caused by lower back problems. By supporting the lower lumbar region, this back brace not only offers support, but the design itself minimizes slipping and bunching when worn.

Most back braces can get hot, making the wearer sweat and uncomfortable. However, the BraceUp uses mesh panels, which perfectly stabilizes the back while releasing excess heat and wicking away moisture. This is a great feature in a back brace of this price, and allows the wearer the freedom to get out there even on the hottest of days. The BraceUp comes in three sizes: Small/Medium; Large/X-Large; and XX-Large.


ComfyMed Breathable Mesh Back Brace


ComfyMed is one of the most recognizable names in support braces. The Breathable Mesh Back Brace by ComfyMed is a premium quality brace for a price anyone can afford. This back brace is intended for the support of the lumbar (lower back) region, and features a removable lumbar pad for customized and comfort. The mesh back brace will keep you cool in the heat, while offering you the spinal support you need, by letting it breathe when worn.

Now you don’t have to miss out on your daily activities or hobbies you gave up on because of the pain. The ComfyMed Lumbar Support Belt effectively offers a customizable fit, targeted compression, and pain relief in the lumbar region.

This brace is great for alleviating back pain and is made from medical grade materials and is designed to treat pain caused by Sciatica, Degenerative Disc Disease, Scoliosis, or Herniated Disc.

You can choose from two different sizes for the best fit:
Regular: 26 inches — 37 inches (65 — 95 cm). This equals a Small/Medium/Large.
Large: 38 inches — 50 inches (96 — 125 cm). This equals XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.


Deluxe Neoprene Double Pull Lower Back Brace


One of the least expensive back braces on this list is the new Deluxe Neoprene Double Pull Lumbar Lower Back Support Brace Exercise Belt. While this may seem like a mouthful, this incredible belt is extremely versatile and offers the wearer a variety of support and maneuverability that other, stiffer, support belts cannot.

Made of a non-stretch fabric across the back panel, this brace provides both mobility and a great level of lumbar support. This is great for those who are suffering from lower back pain due to a variety of medical conditions and heavy lifting. In addition to the non-stretch fabric across the back panel, the back uses a crossover of a heavy duty elasticized, double-pull mechanism. This double pull mechanism offers an easily adjustable, effective, and targeted compression to alleviate pain.
The Deluxe Neoprene Double Pull Lower Back Brace offers a six month warranty in its promise to provide support, warmth, and compression to the lumbar region while remaining flexible enough to allow for freedom of movement! You can now get back to your daily activities and exercises with this versatile back brace and belt.


Futuro Stabilizing Back Support



The Futuro Stabilizing Back Support is a unique brace in that it not only offers back support, but abdominal support, relief from general soreness, and relief from the pain of sprains and strains along the spine and back muscles.
Featuring an adjustable, customized fit and support, the Futuro is made of breathable materials to keep you cool for all day comfort. This breathable material adds to the sleek, overall non-bulkiness of the design, which means the wearer is not restricted in their movements.

The back panel evenly distributes moderate support for an overall compression to alleviate pain. This makes it a great, daily back support. Futuro’s internal support cushion pads help to target your aching, sore muscles without having to place direct pressure on the spine. This helps to promote proper back alignment.

With three versatile sizes to choose from, this Stabilizing Back Brace offers pain relief to stiff, strained, and aching backs. You can even use it while exercising! With an easy to put on and easy to take off design, this brace is easy for men and women of any age to use.

There are three sizes available: Small/Medium; Large/Extra Large; and 2X-Large/3X-Large.



All 5 of these back supports are comfortable to wear, give maximum support, and cost under $30 making a lower back support one of the least expensive ways to treat lower back pain. While lower back braces are a great way to relieve your pain they should not be the only remedy you should use. If you suffer with chronic back pain you should talk to your doctor about your treatment options. In addition you should consider changing your diet and incorporating inflammatory fighting foods, and consider starting a physical therapy regiment.

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